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Capital: Baku city

Language: Official language – Azerbaijani. In the big cities major part of population also speak Russian and Turkish languages. Some young people also know English language.

Time zone: GMT + 4 часа

Climate: The climate is transitional: from temperate to subtropical. Average temperature of July is +5° C in highlands and +27° C in lowlands, in January accordingly -10° С and +3° C. Precipitations  are from 200 mm in foothills of Greater Caucasus to 1200-1700 mm in a year in Lankaran lowland. Характерны сильные северные ветры, главным образом осенью.

Population: The population of Azerbaijan is 8 997 400 people (in 01.01.2010). 51,8% of them is population of the cities. 

Administrative divisions: The territory of Azerbaijan is divided into 66 regions, 11 cities and 1 Autonomous Republic- Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Religion: Religion is separated from the government. The major part of population confessesIslam. Also there are a lot of followers of Judaism and Christianity- Orthodox and Catholics.  

Enter into the country: You will need visa to enter into the country (except citizens of CIS). You can get visa in the embassy of Azerbaijan Republic or electronic visa in our company.  

Money: Official currency – Azerbaijan manat.  In the turnover is paper banknotes in denominations of 100, 50, 20,10, 5 and 1 manat and metallic coins- kopek. You can exchange foreign currency in banks of exchange points without any limitation. Using of credit cards and also tourist checks in counties is difficult. In the central part of Baku shops is working from 9.00 until late night, as usual 19.00-20.00. Tips are 5-10% of total sum in restaurant, in taxi you should pay according to mutual agreement.

Customs rules: Import and export of currency is unlimited, declaration is obligatory. You can take with you from the country personal things, handicraft products and goods purchased in the county. Export of handicraft carpets and any antiques (including gemstones, coins, manuscripts and other works of art) is prohibited without permission of relevant authority bodies. Transit of drugs, weapons and ammunition (except weapons for hunting with permission), literature and video materials, offending morality and political system of the country are prohibited.  

Electricity: Line voltage – 220 V.