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    This excursion has a duration of 8-10 hours with a one-way distance of 160 km. It provides a diverse experience of Azerbaijan's nine out of eleven climatic zones, showcasing semi-deserts, steppes, forests, and alpine meadows.

    The journey starts in the coastal zone of Baku, situated 28 meters below sea level. As you progress, the elevation increases. Lagidzh village, founded in the 4th century, stands at an altitude of 800 meters. It is a historical and architectural reserve inhabited by the Lagidzh people. The village, originally equipped with sewage and water supply, still uses clay pipes crafted at its foundation. The architectural charm lies in houses built from river stones with wooden beams between rows of brickwork, acting as ties and shock absorbers during earthquakes. The roads in Lagidzh are paved with stone slabs.

    The village is renowned for its craftsmanship, particularly carpet weaving and copperware production. Local artisans offer their products, and Lagidzh features a local historical and ethnographic museum showcasing the village's ancient life and history.

    During the trip, there are excursions to Gobustan city, including the mausoleum "Diri Baba," where the Sufi Sheikh Pir (saint) Muhammad was buried in the late 14th century. The mausoleum is nestled in a gorge, surrounded by a cave city.