Baku - Sheki - Baku (two days tracking)


Combined route


Baku - Sheki - Baku (two days tracking)

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    Arrival at the airport, transfer to thehotel

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    Baku - Gobustan

    After the breakfast starts tour aroundOld city (Baku Fortress): Tourists will visit the complex "Old City",which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour starts at the entrance to Bakufortress. Tourists walk into fortress through the "Double Gates".Walking the ancient lanes of the fortress, tourists will visit the oldestCaravanserai, medieval Hamams and Mosques, Shirvanshakhs' Palace, and climb therooftop of Maiden Tower. Maiden Tower is one of the legendary constructions ofancient East. Also the tour guide will show the tourist the place where apostleYelisei was crucified.

    Continue your tour to Gobustan - museumof Rock Paintings. Here tourists will visit interactive and open air museum.The distance from Baku is 60 km. Rock paintings of Gobustan relate to differentepochs and they are dated from 10-8 millennia to medieval period. For suchcoverage of historical period they have taken high place among other rockpainting collections of the world. Archeologists have found there more than6000 painting on 1000 rocks, ancient livings - caves, about 40 mounds, more100000 work tools. The most ancient paintings relate to the Mesolithic Period,but it is supposed that the life existed before that period, and thus Gobustancan be considered as a cradle of civilization. After the tour in Gobustan you will head to Mud volcanoes.

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    Baku - Absheron Peninsula

    After breakfast starts excursion to museumcomplex Gala. The museum complex is located in Gala village. In the territoryof museum there are gathered and restored monuments of architecture, found inAbsheron peninsula. . You can also visit an interesting museum of modern art,the exhibits of which are created by an international team of artists andsculptors from items collected at the dump. Continue to the Zoroastriantemple-museum "Ateshgah. After an excursion in Ateshgah you will head tomound Yanardag

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    Baku - Sulut - Lahij

    After the breakfast you willhead toSulut village of Ismailli district. The village is located among themountains. After a walk around the village hiking to the ruins of a fortress“Girkh Otag” (XIV-XVII centuries.). The road pass through the mountain wood.The group will take food with itself.

    After the hiking you will return toSulut and go to visit a local resident on a barbecue. Then group will

    head to Lahij village.

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    Breakfast in hotel

    A walk around Lahij village, a notableplace in Azerbaijan, with its authentic handicrafts traditions, particularlyrelated to copper. The village's carpet and rug crafts are also well known inAzerbaijan and the South Caucasus. Hiking from Lahij to Burov village.

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    Lahij - Sheki

    After the breakfast you will enjoy thedrive out to Sheki, the city surroundedby snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus, which in some places reaches 3000–3600m.

    On this day you will also visit The Churchof the Udi, near Gabala , in the village of Nij. This church belongs to thenative people of Caucasus - the Udi people . After excursion you will leave forSheki.

    Arrival in Sheki ,accommodation in hotel.

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    Sheki - Gabala - Baku

    Afterbreakfast at your hotel in Sheki you will visit the oldest church in the MiddleEast in Kish village. It was founded by Saint Elysee in 62. Then you will explore Gabala –the ancient capital of Azerbaijan. This veritable melting pot of culture andtradition is a joy to explore. Whilst traveling through Gabala in the north ofAzerbaijan you will take the time to experience a small but significant part ofthe religious tolerance within the country. First, you will visit the Church ofthe Udi, near Gabala, in the village of Nij. This small church is special. Itbelongs to the native people of the Caucasus – the Udi people. There are only afew thousand Udi people in the world today and the majority, approx. 4.000,live in this area in Azerbaijan. Today they practice Orthodox Christianity andyou will be welcomed with their kindness to see their church, renovated and used. You will then headto the village of Chukhur Gabala home to interesting ruins from its time as theformer capital of Caucasian Albania. During the tour, the guide will explaininteresting facts about the history, cultural heritage of Gabala. Then you willget acquainted with the Gabala Archeology Center.

    Thethree-storey building of the Gabala Archeology Center has a showroom, anarcheological collection, a restoration lab, a conference hall and study rooms for archeologists. So here, you can see the exhibition features about 1,500 items discovered during excavation. The tour will continue toSamakhi city and have a sightseeing of historical Juma Mosque of Shamakhi. Onthe way to Baku, visit Diri Baba Mausoleum (1402nd year) in Marazavillage.

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    Transfer to the airport, departure.