Jip Safari



Jip Safari

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    Baku - Lahij

    Arrival to Baku and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in thehotel.

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    Baku - Lahij

    Breakfast in the hotel

    Having left Baku, tourists will move in the north-west direction. Gradually, nature will change noticeably. The route begins from the zone of semi-deserts, which is replaced by steppes, and then by forest and mountain zones. And in the distance will be visible alpine meadows and snowy peaks of mountains. The first stop will be at the mud volcanoes. The landscape where these volcanoes are located is more like the moon than the earth. Volcanic mud itself is used in the treatment of some diseases, as well as in cosmetology. The next stop is the Sufi mausoleum "Diri Baba" (XV century). This place is considered a saint and still come here for worship. In the Middle Ages, Sufi dervishes meditated in nearby caves. After the mausoleum - a stop in the Shemakha in Juma mosque (beginning of the 20th century). The architecture of the mosque is very interesting, and a guide will tell about the history of this mosque. The last stop in front of the village is a suspension bridge.

    Cars arrive

    to the village of Lagij. In the village, tourists are waiting for lunch and a walking tour of the center, visiting the workshops of local artisans. After lunch, a small trip towards Mount Babadag and departure to Baku.

    Dinner at the national restaurant in Baku.

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    Breakfast in the hotel

    After breakfast Baku sightseeing tour:
    -Panorama of the city and Baku Bay from Mountain park
    -Visit to the medieval sight of the Old City (11-19 cc) (fortifications,Shirvanshakhs Palace(14-15 cc., entrance),Caravanserai complex (14-15 cc.), oldmosques11-19cc.), old bath, narrow small streets, art shops and benchof handicraftsmen, ”Giz Galasi” (Maiden Tower entrance)

    After lunch excursions in H.Aliyevcenter.

    Overnightin the hotel.

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    Transferto the airport with representative of company.