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Azerbaijan is the county, than located on the junction of two continents- Europe and Asia.  In the north we border with Russia, in the south with Iran, in the west with Armenia and Georgia, and in the east our country is laved by the waters of Caspian sea.

Azerbaijan is the country with ancient and rich history.  For thousands years rich cultural heritage had been created here, included in the treasury of world civilization. The jaw of human living in Azykh Cave and things of material culture were found here and 250 thousands years old.

The first formations of Azerbaijani statehood historians refer to the first millennium BC. Absheron peninsula, where the capital Baku is located, began to be populated 40 thousands years before. Archaeologists still find the remains of dwellings, stone tools, and other traces of human activity. The most interesting place for these cases is Gobustan museum of rock paintings  and museum complex “Gala” 

One of the interesting places is Nakhchivan, where according to the legend Noah’s grave is located. The history of Azerbaijan also linked with the names of Bartholomew the Apostle and Eliseus the Saint, who preached here. In the Sheki region is located the church that was built in 62 by the Eliseus the Apostle. There are other interesting sightseeing, that relates to different religions: pagan and Zoroastrian temples, synagogues, churches, mosques and other religious monuments. Over the centuries powerful countries waged wars to have this territory. Locals had to fight against phalanx of Alexander the Great, legions of Roman Empire, troops of Persian kings, repel attacks of nomadic hordes from Volga steppes.  And in time of peace actively was conducted a trade with different counties. Many trade routes from the East to the West, including famous Silk Way, passed through Azerbaijan. In the middle ages Azerbaijan was divided into Principalities, fortresses began to be built in inaccessible mountain area, which you can visit while excursion.
Nowadays, Azerbaijan is the country consistently building democratic society that aspires to integrate into the world economic system, and has all necessary conditions for it.    

In the modern Azerbaijan are live representatives of many nations and peoples.  Multiplicity of nations and peoples populating the country, lead to variety of dishes.  Each region is famous for its dishes and drinks. This is the heaven for gourmets. 

Occupying relatively a small area, Azerbaijan has unique natural and climatic features. 9 of 11 climatic zones are represented on the territory of Azerbaijan: from subtropics to Montane grasslands and shrublands.  The difference of height is from 28 meters below the level of the world ocean (Baku) to 4466 meter above the level of world ocean (mountain Bazarduzu) In the north of Azerbaijan are located mountain of Great Caucasian Range, in the north-west- mountains of Lesser Caucasus and on the south Talysh (Hyrcarian) mountains. In the central part of county are located steppes. 
Caspian Sea is the unique and the biggest lake in the world. Being closed reservoir, Caspian sea has its distinctive flora and fauna

There are 250 mud volcanoes on the territory of Azerbaijan. Mostly they are located in the region from Lokbatan to Alat. Mud volcanoes create unique landscape that reminiscent pictures from fantastic movies. 

There are more that 1000 rivers running through the territory of the country. There is no any large lake with fresh water in Azerbaijan, but there are a lot of small lakes- about 250. 

There are more than 4200 types of plants in the country. В республике насчитывается более 4200 видов растений. Some of them are relicts and can’t be met in any other place in the world- for example, Eldar Pine, Albizia julibrissin, Ironwood. Mountain forests are attractive for rest and tourism. Fauna of Azerbaijan is rich either. Animal world is represented by 12000 types, 623 of them are vertebrate.

Only in Ghizil-Agaj State Reserve 250 types of birds nest each year. 

We invite you to visit hospitable Azerbaijan- country of nice contrasts.